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Title: UnknownBohemian Rhapsody (Live)
Artist: UnknownPanic! at the Disco
Album: Unknown
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3D Version of Panic! at the Disco’s cover of Bohemian Rhapsody (Live)

Must listen with earphones/headphones

(More here)

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this hit me like a load of fucking bricks.

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I feel like every time I delete a photo from my phone, I’m actually deleting the memory it holds.

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This is still the most beautiful dog photoset I’ve ever seen


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do you ever need a five minute hug but only from like a specific person

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Oh. My. God.
My arms around you again. I couldn’t help but hold you so tight. I understand now how people feel forever when they hold someone so special. It could be just a minute hug or a few minutes of putting my arms around you when we dance, but either way it really felt like forever. Each time my heart just pumped so loudly. I swear, what i could hear was a mix between the feel good music that made me so happy to have you in my arms again and my heart beating. My head laying against your shoulder again. It still fits so perfectly. I couldn’t help but clasp my hands on you. I never wanted to let you go. But then we had to leave. Oh how I wish we didn’t have to leave. I wanted to stay. Man, do I really miss you.

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It feels as if I’m meeting up with you for the first time again. Im nervous, yet happy. I get to see you again. I’ve got butterflies and my hands have yet to stop quivering since this morning.  I don’t know what’s gonna happen, but all I know is that I’m very ecstatic to see you again. 

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Harikrishnan Panicker is a Denver based graphic designer / illustrator. He has a Masters degree in Design from the Industrial Design Center, IIT Bombay and then worked with MTV India where he was the Senior Designer / Supervising Producer and created designs for channels like MTV, Vh1 and NICK.


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